Live Free Detroit Reflections Part 1

Dec 21, 2019 | The Work | 0 comments

Live Free Detroit Reflections Conversation With Alia Harvey-Quinn and Pastor Maurice Hartwick | Part 1 Two of Detroit’s grassroots leaders speak about the culture of violence in Detroit, their own evolution as activists and well-meaning programs that are still not enough to combat the structural issues that are in place. “At some point when you do non-profit work for a really long time, you either feel convicted that you have to really do something, or you are a part of this broken system that is ultimately hurting our communities,” says Alia Harvey-Quinn.

There is not enough conversation, effort, nor resources allocated to youth development and violence prevention in the city. Most resources go toward the symptoms of the problem such as metal detectors and prisons. The work that was undertaken by the Live Free Detroit survey gathered the voices of those who are most impacted by violence in the city. This work challenges widely held assumptions and popular media narratives. It positions the community as subject matter experts, uniquely qualified to design solutions for a safer Detroit of all. This is part 1 of 4 conversation clips.